Saturday, April 30, 2011

Blue Kitchens and a Royal Wedding

We went with blue/gray.... it is amazing how the colors on a paint sample look so different on a wall.  The green just wasn't doing it for our space.  There was no doubt as soon as the first stroke went up on the wall that we would use Sensible Hue-- Sherwin Williams.

Sooooo we are painting the kitchen  on Monday.   I wanted to share a couple of kitchens that I have found on the net for you to ponder before the big reveal.

I have yet to decide what color the table and chairs will be... that red  is pretty snappy.  However, I am loving the turquoise in the third photo.

If you don't subscribe to Country Living I suggest that you do...

In other news there was a royal wedding yesterday...   William and Kate...   I just finished watching it on DVR a few minutes ago. Was it normal to cry? LoL

Do you think their backs hurt from standing/sitting so straight all of the time?  Geez.

I wonder what color their kitchen is...

I snagged this photo from 

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