Friday, November 25, 2011

Black Thriday

You can't really say Black Friday anymore because  shopping  starts Thursday night.  I told everyone yesterday that I hadn't decided whether I would go out that night or not... well it got to be about 6 o'clock and I needed to get out of the house so Chad drove me around so I could take photos of the crazys sitting out in front of Target and Best Buy.

One thing lead to another and I got the itch to sit outside in the freezing temps myself so I sat in front of Coach at 9 PM, Walmart at 10 PM, Dicks at 12 PM, then a little nap and then I went to Lowes at 5 AM.  Would I do it again?  I wouldn't at Coach.  They have the same deals and coupons every weekend.  WalMart?  Only if I needed Toys...  Dicks?  Totally!  Chad and I both scored sweet Nike hoodies for $25.  Lowes?  I had to get my wreaths and garland. 

Walmart was the most intense.  They let you in the store before it officially opened at 10 and everyone snuggled around huge pallets of stuff... finally at 9:45 one customer got sick of waiting and ripped into one of the pallets.  Of course everyone followed even me...  I grabbed my Rubbermaid and canister vacuum and RAN to the front to  check out where I had to wait until 10 PM sharp to pay.

I have decorated the tree and put all of my goods away.   Now to prepare myself for the Iron Bowl tomorrow.  Yipes.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Welcome to The Adams 1st Annual Thanksgiving.

Well now that all of the turkey has been eaten and put in the fridge for leftover meals I can say that I am very proud of the little Thanksgiving Chad, Zach, and I threw for ourselves.  We deserved a home cooked meal and a little exercise this morning.

EXERCISE?!  Yeh---- we ran the Loveland Turkey Trot with a few thousand other people this morning. It's not exactly the easiest thing to squeeze on a sidewalk with 3000 starving people but we survived.  I finished 10th in my age category of people walking.  I wonder how many signed up? ha... Who cares... 10th place!

After we finished the race we went to WalMart for a newspaper and scoped out where all the deals were hidden for tonight.  I still can't decide if I want to brave it or just sleep off the fried turkey.  FRIED TURKEY?!  Yeh---- we fried a turkey.

Now I am off to clip coupons for the morning.  Can we say $5 wreaths and garland at Lowes?!?!?!

Friday, November 18, 2011

Open at own risk.

Whoa! We live the high life...  We have lived in this house going on three years and still haven't organized everything... we just kind of moved in.  Ya knowz?  That's OK but when you have no idea what is in your pantry or how long it's been there you know that you have a problem.

If you have a Labrador you understand that you can't keep your trash can out in the open or you will come home to a massive mess.  Actually, you can't leave anything out...

Don't turn our oven on because that is where we store our loaves of bread... check the microwave before starting it because that's where we keep stuff like cakes and cookies. Quincy tried eating candy corn this week through a doubled up ziplock baggy.  Last week it was a loaf of white bread.  It really stinks if we forget to put food away.  Don't get me started on the bag of flour.  Still vacuuming that junk up out of the carpet.

I was feeling productive after dinner at PFs tonight so we came home and I pulled everything out of here while Chad watched football.  I am not going to show you a picture of everything all over the kitchen because it's embarrassing and you don't want to see it... really... you don't.

I took out all of the flour/sugar/ oats/ nuts ect. and gave them a space of their own...

I combined all of my canned good...

Cereal and other boxed items....

I need to do a little more in the morning but I am happy with the work I have made tonight.

And lucky you!  I have some things I am tired of looking at... leave a comment below if you want any of these boxes of tea or dumplings and I'll mail them to you.  Let me know which one and your email address.

Sleept Time Tea, Gree Tea, Jasmine Petal

McLibs Southern Dumplings (will last in box foreverrrrrr)

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Guess what time it is...

Winter is here.  That means it's time to work on a new room.  We have emptied our upstairs guestroom and it is prepped and ready for some business.

FIRST  it will get this wall treatment... I cropped the photo because it was a model home and had a super tacky fake tree in the corner.... I can't handle those.

Next, the walls will get some color.  Here is the magazine tear-out that I have been using around the house for color inspiration.  This room will be the greenish color.

Ugh, then we gotz to talk furniture.  The room is small.  Has to have a daybed.  I have been looking at my local thrifts to find a metal bed similar to this one at Pottery Barn just $700 cheaper.  I am not in a hurry to furnish because step 1 and 2 won't be done immediately.

Pottery Barn Savannah Daybed
 How can you have a room with no lighting?

Barn Light Warehouse Sconce


Suzanne Kasler Antlier Antlers

Oooooo and a rug?

Elisabeth Rug at Ballard Designs

Lastly it needs a dog.... rolling all over the $3,000 rug.  Hahahaha.  I have gone way over the top on the list of what I wish is to come... just on a 50% off budget.  Let's stick with steps 1 and 2 for now.  Night!

Quincy enjoying his "Pup-accino" at Starbucks.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

That's a big rack...

Everyone welcome the newest decorator in our family. Chad.  He has scavenged the wilderness to find his decor item of choice... this deer.

It's been processed. The meat is in the freezer and the rack is.... going on the wall.  I wasn't opposed to having a rack in this house but because of the current European Mount trend in all of my magazines.  Hello!  It has to go up. Restoration Hardware sells them for $295.  For a mere $475 I got a freezer full of meat, a mount that is a lot larger than the one that they offer, and a happy husband. Score!?!

We can't decide which one is bigger...

Look at this one that I found online... Pretty presh.
Pottery Barn is using antlers for table displays.
Overall,  we are super happy with.  I might even let him bring a moose or an elk in to go with the one we have now.