Saturday, February 25, 2012

Dirt Cake Trifle

Some friends of ours just moved into a new house and are having people over for dinner tonight.  When I asked what I could bring they told me something sweet and they weren't talking about Chad... He is going too don't worry...

Anyhooooo...  Chad and I couldn't decide on what we wanted.  We figured that we hadn't had dirt cake in a long time so we googled a recipe and bought the ingredients while we were running errands this morning.  The recipe had the calories listed at the bottom of it and ewww it was bad so everything I used was "fat free" or "sugar free" to help a little bit...

You are going to need
1/2 cup of butter softened
1 8 ounce package of cream cheese softened
1/2 confectioners sugar
2 packages instant vanilla pudding
3 1/2 cups of milk
2 containers of whipped topping
1 pack of oreos

Chop the cookies in a food processor until really fine

Mix the butter, cream cheese, and sugar in a bowl... set aside

In a large bowl mix pudding powder, milk, and 1 container of whipped topping together
Next you want to combine to butter mixture with the pudding
Now that everything is mixed you are ready to layer.  I am using a  vase that I found at WalMart for $5... start with the cookies,then a layer of the pudding, and then top with your last container of whipped cream
It's going to be rich, it's going to have some calories, it's all going to be worth it.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

I heart stationary.

I have no choice but to share an invitation that I received this week.

Take a second and really look at the stamps... A collage of vintage botanical stamps!   You can order them from Etsy just search unused botanical stamps.  I just ordered some that are vintage street cars from Montgomery AL 1983...

 Sarah says she has a box of them that she keeps with her and says she likes to pick out stamps that match the persons personality that is receiving the note, in this case the invitation.  Mine had Lily stamps on it... Swoooooooooooon..  Can we take a moment of silence for the calligraphy?  Beautiful.

The actual invitation is embossed cardboard.   It's durable while still being very delicate. It's great!

I keep all of my letters, invitations, and notes in these green boxes.  The bigger ones are from a Pottery Barn outlet about 5 years ago and then the smaller ones on top are Ikea.  They cost about $4 a piece. My mom writes us a note every week and I have saved all of them since I moved out the house for college.

All of our Christmas cards and invitations are in the kitchen on this wire tree that I ordered from the Pottery Barn after Christmas clearance sale a few years ago.  It's nice seeing all of our friends everyday in our kitchen.  They all smile at us while we bicker about how bad the coffee turned out every morning and who is going to empty the dishwasher in the afternoon. Don't judge. I'll swap some of  them out in a couple of weeks when we start thinking Easter, weddings, and birthdays.

Click here to see the Etsy shop that I ordered mine from!

Sunday, February 12, 2012


I was doing my blog stalking last week and came across a fantastic blog Inspired by Charm.  Whoa... there was the perfect project for a snowy day right there in front of my face.  I followed his step by step instructions and  am SUPER pumped about it.  There was one step that called for the use of balsamic vinegar but I didn't have any in the house so I used soy sauce instead... now  our basement smells like PF Changs. We wanted PF Changs last night after smelling it all night so we go and there was a friggin 2 hour wait.  Forrrrrrrrrget that.

I haven't finished the painting yet but when its done hopefully Chad will let me hang it in our bedroom.

Did I mention it is HUGE?!?!  Nope I didn't.... it's HUGEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Vintage Photos

Below are some photos of some general stores/markets/ grocery stores in Dothan and surrounding towns that were owned by  my family way back when....

My brother Justin has  taken the time to identify everyone in the photos.  See his captions below

Remember that photo I posted with the lockers and grocery sign a couple days ago? See here... Does that Rudd's Grocery & Market look eerily similar?  I wonder where that ended up and why it's not in my kitchen.
My great uncle Eulis Franklin Rudd and his two children, Doyle (the oldest) and Elzine (the baby). Doyle passed away a few years ago and Elzine is still living in Houston

Arthur Kingry and Wiley Pittman Wiley's Meat Market
Now if only I had the shelves from the photo of my Great Grandfather Kingrys store... amazingggggggggggg.  If I owned a store my shelves would be packed like his. I'd be like.. hey welcome to my store be careful because I have so much junk on my shelves they might collapse.  Holla.
My great grandfather Arthur Kingry's grocery store in FL/AL.

First grocery store in Dothan, AL. My great grandfather Arthur Kingry; Willie C. (store employee?); my great grandmother Eva Pittman Kingry