Saturday, May 26, 2012

Saturday Finds

Whoa doggy.  Who had a great day at the stores?  This lady.  That's right.

My friend Kara and I hit Goodwill early this morning and I found these sweet canisters.  A set of 4 for $3?!  Yes please.  A Towle Silver Tray and black tray for  buck each?  Holla.

Then we went to the Arc.  I found a fantastic plate (show ya lata.) AND these two candle sconce (5.99 for the pair).  I don't know where I am going to put them just yet..

We hit another place on the way home.  We found this rockin milk crate and some old Coke and RC bottles.

6.99 + 15% off for needing a screw on a handle

29 cent each. Roses from my neighbors yard (of course I got approval first...) hehehe
 Let me just put this out there for new thrift stores.... if you have a customer asking how much an item costs don't say that you don't know and get on your computer to look it up on eBay.  I am there to shop at your store not eBay.

Mini rant.

Have a fantastic Saturday evening people!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Estate Sales and Strength Training

Sooo I got an email from a little birdie giving me the heads up about an estate sale that I needed to attend. Uhhhh yeh!  I'm not going to miss that! It happened to be the last day of the sale and everything was 75% off of the original prices.

Well I didn't get the memo that even though it started at 11 someone was going to accidentally open it all up at 10.  Sigh.  I had to run through super fast and grab up whatever I saw and stand in line for a stinking hour.  With my arms hurting from holding items, my back in pain(from pushups last night) and sweat dripping down my shirt (genetics) I finally made it to the register and everything in my tired achy hands only cost me $13.  Score!  Thank goodness I have been training the past 6 weeks or I really couldn't have held everything as long as I did and as calmly.

It's too bad I didn't know about it sooner I probably could have done damage but I'm glad that I found out on 75% of day.  I'm on the mailing list for next time... that's for shizzle.

If you live in Colorado check out Excess Estate Sales page.  Like it!  The owner told me that there a ton of sales this summer!

Crayola #6 Box with 6 crayons!

Monday, May 21, 2012


No one gave me the heads up that Seattle was nothing but a bunch of hills... I wasn't prepared. Chad and I normally just take local transit here and there but the hills were exhausting.  We walked a good three or four miles during the day and then at night we would drive park and walk.

We stayed in a Holiday Day Inn Express that was the perfect location for the Space Needle (see photo below from our room) and then to a local eatery that was da' bomb-best place ever.  Serious Biscuit.  We were able to walk to Pikes Place Market, see the cruise ships, and do some shopping.

I really wanted to buy flowers at the market but was afraid that I would cry when I had to leave them at the hotel the next day so I bought some potato's and brought those home instead.  They were scrump.

I liked Seattle.  It was really quirky and had alot to offer.  The driving was bad and the walking was hard.  Definitely not as easy to walk as other cities that I have visited.

Would I go back?  Yes.  Would I rent a car?  Nah. Would I stay at the Holiday Inn Express again?  Totally.  Would I stay longer and shop nothing but local?  All day long.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Day 2 Astoria OR and Olympia WA

We left Long Beach pretty early in the morning because we got up at the crack of dawn and nothing opened until 10. I wanted to take a different route back to Seattle than we had come so I could see more.  We ended up driving across the Columbia River to Oregan and then hit the interstate back to Washington.

I was amazed by all of the bridges that we crossed in both states.  This one was the one across the Columbia River into Astoria Oregon.

Once we were in the car and going we made it to the capital of Washington and needed a break.  Let me say that it was soooooo worth pulling off the interstate to see it.  You were allowed  go in the Governors office, the LT Governor, Secretary of State, and the Treasurer.  We hit all of them and then visited the Senate and Supreme Court.

I am not going to lie when I say it's really intimidating walking into the Governors office without having been able to straighten your hair earlier that  morning because there was no hair dryer at the hotel.  Eck. Gross.