Wednesday, June 13, 2012

High Park Fire

I never realized this little fire that I snapped photos of Quincy in front of last Saturday would turn into such a big mess.  I mean really it was so small when I first noticed it around 10 AM after thrifting and then today its expanded to over 35k acres.  Insanity.

Saturday around 10 AM...

Sunday around 3:30...

Monday around 8:30...

Wednesday afternoon...

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Saturday Finds 6/9

Mmmm so I forgot to blog this week.  I have been so busy helping my mom out that I have neglected ole' Plum Shabz.  I attempted a shopping trip with readers today but there is so much going on around NoCo that it is hard to gather a crowd.  That's ok! More for me :)

Goodwill has 50% most of their store today.  They are excluding new tags... I still found some great items like a huge ceramic pot that is now sitting in my guest bathroom with towels in it, a Pyrex butter dish to add to my collection, and a rose bowl.  Desiree scored two brand new lampshades from Target and a really cool tray table that she is supposed to paint black and use on her back porch!

After that we ran over to Arc.  This place has 50% off every Saturday.  I had my eye on an old pin ball game for a lonnnnnnnng time and had to wait for the tag to be included on the Saturday sale.  Thankfully it was still there.  I also found a blue and white USS Alabama plate that matches  my Birmingham one that I bought a few weeks back.  Hung them up on my new plate hanger from Goodwill... Loves.

Someone had gotten rid of their collection of state plates.  I saw a bunch that would be so fun in a kitchen or dining room but the tags weren't half off and they were 3.99 each.... that could have really added up.

Ohhh and I found a ball jar for $3. No lid.  I'm ok with that!

Last stop we hit Mrs. Goodthrift and I grabbed up a box of china for $12.

I had an awesome morning!  Now I am going to work on rearranging my guest room.  Stay cool everyone!  It's super hot and dry today.  Yikes.