Wednesday, March 27, 2013

My Yellow Thrift Store Lamp

I am ok admitting that the lamp I bought a while back was a bit shabby.  

And now I am ok admitting that the lamp I bought a while back is AWESOME.  Last weekend during my Saturday romp around Target I noticed a clearance on some early spring Threshold items.  Like a full moon with shooting stars, a chocolate Easter bunny on Easter morning, a full stocking of Swedish Fish at Christmas the perfect lamp shade was on clearance.  Just for me. No one else.   $14 later it was in my car on it's way home to meet its new base.

Suddenly my $4 yellow lamp turned into a $40 yellow lamp.

Happy Wednesday!!!

Saturday, March 23, 2013

My birthday mantle.

Have I told you about my birthday party that I am throwing for myself?  I rented a 56 passenger bus and we are going to a surprise location for an evening.  Yeahhhhhhhh buddy.  Get on tha' bus.  I'll post photos of the shinnagans later but for now you get to see my birthday mantle that is in the makings...

I love vintage photos.  I have a few tucked all around our house.  Last weekend I came across a bookstore that sells them.  They aren't cheap.  I sat on the floor for about an hour and dug through boxes of them. I picked out ones I wanted.  Pick out ones I might want later.  Then I  picked out a couple that were really random for Ole' Chadwick.  I made a cash offer to the owner and he took it.  Surprised me.  He didn't seem like the negotiating type.

So here they sit.  Waiting.  Waiting on my birthday cards to come in the mail and to have company on the mantle.  Soon boys... soon.

Do you see a birthday coupon from Anthropologie?  You betcha.
All of my friends going on my bus ride.
Birthday cake bakers
A happy baby.

Sweet girl
Route 2.  Best address ever.
Does he have the best tights known to man on???

Sunday, March 17, 2013

A Wooden Bowler and Carboard Kids

A free day is something that I don't have very often.  Yesterday was rare.  The sun was out, I had no plans, and I got some a little more than I needed retail therapy.  I intended to just go to one shop  but I ended up at ohhhhhhhhhh 8?  I am glad that I went to all of them because I found some amazing items.

Where did I shop?
Arc Loveland
Goodwill Loveland
The Vintage Green Downtown Loveland
Nostalgia Corner Downtown Loveland
Community Thrift Loveland

Do you spy my little table and chairs for the patio beneath it all?  You just wait.  I checked off several items on my "Ultimate Patio Checklist" this last week.