Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Ana Whites Simple Potting Bench

I am slacking on my posts lately...
1.  I need a new computer
2. I donated my printer and it was the only way that I could upload photos to my computer.  It was old. Yuck.
3. I sold my computer chair at my yard sale and haven't replaced it...

What was I thinking...

I know I promised a backyard oasis a couple months ago but the HOA took so long to approve our plans we spent our money on a new TV.  Ha.  We have started saving again and are thinking it might be a better purchase for the fall anyway.  Stores trying to get rid of inventory at the end of the season.

 In the meantime I am making due with what I have.  I had piles of pots and various gardening items on the porch and didn't have room in our garage to store these things...  We actually park our cars in our garage.  Who does that?? 

Ana White has an awesome website that has plans for anything that you could ever think of building.  I started checking out potting benches on Pinterest and then found a link to her site.  We have used it before for other projects and knew this was something that I could handle.

 The great thing about her site is she tells you the boards that you are going to need and then the order that you should have them cut in... Here is what I took to Lowes with me...

They cut it for me.  Right there. I just had to go home and put it together.  It's just like Ikea... only more a bit more sturdy.

I used my handheld mouse sander thingamajig to smooth out my boards because I used the cheapest boards that I could buy... small budget.

 I had a small towel rack from Ikea that I had not used yet and put that on the front of it in case we needed a towel one night while we were grilling... you never know!  It will be an awesome serving table and we can put drinks in my metal bin on the bottom shelf.  Multi purpose people.  Multi.

I used Olympic Antiqued Grey Stain... 1 quart did the trick.

Click here to get the plans that I used. 

I can't wait for my next project! Now excuse me while I go and pick the splinters our of my hands.  

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