Sunday, July 27, 2014

Saturday Finds 7/26/14

I had the Saturday off so Chad agreed to spend the day with me.  We ventured to Ault, Colorado.  There were several antique shops and a nice little cafe and ate some bacon.  Oink.

I found this Scotch Tape display in the back yard of one of the shops for $5. I'm torn on whether to leave it in the kitchen, it takes up a lot of counter space, or take it to my craft room and actually use it for tape and ribbon.

On the way home we pulled over to see what was going on at a garage sale... The tin trashcan had make offer so I did and snagged it for $3.  It was the ladies great grandfathers.  I won't resale this one.  It's in my office.

Later that afternoon Chad needed to go home to watch golf and I needed wanted to go junk some more. I had to make a u-turn when I saw a mess of crates at a sale in a random parking lot and I bought them all.  Yeah.  All.

They are from a factory in South Dakota that was closing and these were headed to the dump.

Today I cleaned the house and relaxed a bit.  I couldn't push my luck.  Yesterday was too awesome.  Have a fantastic week!

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Saturday Finds 7/19/2014

Yard sale season is winding down so I have to start collecting like a mad woman!

And yes... that is a set of Fiestaware that I won't be selling.  It is nice and worn but I love it.  The vintage green and the chips make me happy.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

DIY High Chair Garland for 1st Birthday

Go ahead and change my name to Busy.  First name Busy, last name Girl.  Busy Girl.  A friends daughter is turning 1 next month and needed some help with a few things.  Obviously, I don't turn down opportunities to get my craft on.

The first thing we made was  ribbon garland for Kinsleys high chair.  We picked a bunch of fabric at Hobby Lobby in the colors that her mom wanted to use for the party.  It might look like they don't match but that's ok!  There is so much going on with the garland you don't have time to focus on matchy matchy.  It's your opportunity to pull any and all  colors you ever imagined in on one big project! 

Chad and I then ripped the fabric into pieces and tied them to a rope...

... TaDa!

Total time approx 1 hour...

After searching high and low I finally found a high chair on Craigslist and painted it a nice light grey for photos...