Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Saturday Finds 7/19/2014

Yard sale season is winding down so I have to start collecting like a mad woman!

And yes... that is a set of Fiestaware that I won't be selling.  It is nice and worn but I love it.  The vintage green and the chips make me happy.


  1. Hi Lily!
    I'm visiting from Southern Hospitality. I love your Fiestaware! I bought a rather large collection of Fiestaware years ago and I still love it! I've got several colors and love to mix and match it. Congrats on your great finds!
    Shelia @ House of Highlands

    1. Hi Sheila! Thanks for visiting! I never saw myself as a Fiestaware girl but I have the itch for more now!

    2. My rather large (gasp - over 800 pieces) Fiesta collection started out with a single purchase of a yellow bowl at a yard sale in Ft. Walton Beach 30+ years ago. Like Shelia, I collect a lot of colors. They look so pretty in glass front cabinets and make me happy each time I walk in the kitchen. You really scored with the medium green. Teapot is sublime....