Friday, November 18, 2016

Christmas Tree

I was a freak this year and put up our Christmas tree mid November.  Chads great grandmother passed away last week and he had to go home and be with his family for a few days.... I was left alone and apparently was very bored.  I used every single decoration we had stored in the basement.

I even wrapped most of our gifts for family that I have been hoarding in our basement all year.  Why don't more people shop in January for the upcoming Christmas?  It's genius.  I bought some gift wrap and things from Target and was instantly obsessed with a set of jingle bells that I saw there but they were pretty pricey for what you got.  I decided I would venture to the other side of town and look at jingle bells and ornaments at the Dollar Tree... so glad  that I did!

All of my gifts this year have bells and an ornament.  I went home at lunch today and was messing around in the basement and knew that I smelled something funny.  After sniffing around I found my hot glue gun still on from last night.  Word to the wise when wrapping gifts always turn off your glue gun.  That is all.

Friday, November 4, 2016

Poly Removal and A Tiny Wreck

I've had an interesting couple of weeks towards the end of October.  My stress level was peaking near maximum capacity and I am so glad to be over it.  I went in for my mock-transfer for IVF in September and the doctor found a couple polyps in my uterus (see previous post).  We were able to fit the outpatient surgery into our schedule last Friday.

I don't know if you have ever had surgery but the nurse who contacted me a couple of days before to go over everything failed to tell me not to drink anything 4 hours prior to the surgery.  I was well aware of only clear liquids 8 hours prior.  I had a Gatorade on the way to the center.  The nurses bugged out and were running around telling me everything would be postponed to another day.  Oh helllll no.  This 3 minute "surgery" was going down and it was going down that afternoon.  Seriously,  why would they freak me out before putting me under?  I was upset and worried about it being postponed (my blood pressure shot up to 177/90-- they gave me a EKG). I couldn't talk to my doctor because I was a crazy crying fool. Also, I bruise like it's nobody's  business and they put my IV on the bottom side of my wrist.  I have been cruising around all week with an awesome black bruise on my arm.  It's been hot so long sleeves are no comfortable. Just sayin.

 Now that is it over I feel like the weight of the world has been lifted off of me.  We didn't tell either set of our parents because, honestly, they stress the freak out.  That would be more stress for me knowing they would be freaking out.  We did let them know once I was home and over the anesthesia... Just for extra tell all you should know that I projectile vomited once we were home because they gave me extra medication to empty my stomach from the bottle of Gatorade.  I probably won't be able to drink Gatorade ever again without thinking of the horror.  The good news is my polyps were benign so we don't have that to worry with.

I didn't get a photo this week when this turned black.  This was the day after.

These lines were all over my arm from the blood pressure cuff.  That other bruise is from a blood draw to verify I wasn't pregnant the day before surgery.  

The Friday before my "surgery" I took a quick trip with a couple of girls from my office to a store in town and on our way back to the office an elderly lady (age 90)  decided to do an unsafe u-turn in the middle of the 2 lane road that we driving down.  Luckily, everyone is OK (one of the girls was 8 months pregnant). Chad was in a major meeting  at work when it happened.... I couldn't let him know that this had happened until that afternoon and he didn't even care about the car because that meeting was over and that's all he had been thinking about the past 3 months.  *HUGE sigh of relief*

Chad's car will spend a couple of weeks in the shop the next couple of weeks and then we will be back to normal to celebrate Christmas and fingers crossed IVF in January.

Hip hip hooray for November and a fresh start!

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Outdoor Movie Night

Chad and I helped with an outdoor movie night for our neighborhood to celebrate everyone going back to school and summer winding down.  It was really cute.  Our neighborhood has a couple of parks and green spaces.  The HOA hired an outdoor movie company to come and show Zootopia.  I found battery powered lights (Marshalls) and  threw those in trees around the park, had lots of candy, popcorn, and soda for everyone in attendance.  Our local movie theater donated two giant bags of popcorn to us and didn't charge because it was a "community event."  We passed out glow in the dark necklaces to all of the kids. I bet about 200 people came and each one of them were extremely grateful for the evening of fun with their families.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

What I didn't see coming...

To date everything with IVF has been going great.  Bloodwork has been fine.  Appointments OK.  Anticipation... high.  I don't remember if I told you guys I was having this done.  If I didn't I apologize.  I had an appointment this morning for a mock IVF to see what my uterus looks like and to prepare the doctor for the actual procedure.  "I don't want any surprises," the doctor said.

I cried.  Not because I it hurt.  Not because I was scared.  I think it was more of a relief.  I have finally crawled to the end of the tunnel and now I am just waiting on someone to roll the stone and let me see the light of day.  Today wasn't the day.

The doctor said I could watch if I wanted to.  I used a mirror to watch the camera inserted... I saw a spot of blood put the mirror down.  He laugh and proceeded with the procedure. I cramped but about the same amount as other procedures I had done over the years with previous miscarriages.

 All of a sudden he asked the nurse to take a photo of something and he said, "this isn't what I wanted to see."  Tear... tear... tear.... sob.  He insists that I look and that I need to see this.  I have a polyp.  It's probably acceptable for me to say that there's an effin polyp right where he would have chose to insert the eggs.  They described it as comparing my uterus to a room and then that polyp being the size of a door.  There is a lot of space that he could use but that one spot could be an issue.  I'll have surgery in October to have it removed.

Set back number 9,245,432.   I had a dream last Sunday night that we were in Africa picking up an adopted child.  I don't know if it's my mind showing myself that light at the end of the tunnel or telling myself that the procedure wasn't going to work.  It kept replaying over and over in my mind today.  It's scary frustrating. Some days it's hard to get out of bed.  Everyone around me is so happy and pregnant.  It sucks to compare myself.   I know I shouldn't do that but you can't not do that.  Tomorrow will be better.  As for today?  It's a pity party.

Friday, July 1, 2016

Eveyln Wood Turned Chandelier from Pottery Barn

With some hard and very dedicated work I am finally at a place in my life that I am comfortable making some larger financial decisions without hesitation.  I have a couple of examples for you.

 I bought a full priced shirt at Anthropologie earlier in the month last month. I had a coupon but I did it and didn't worry about the price.  
 I bought some towels from Pottery Barn and they happen to be the best towel purchase I have ever made.  No coupon.  #thatscrazy #rebel 
I bought some Roden Fields face wash because I wanted it?  Who does that?! I must be drinking the water. 

So, all of this to say  I ordered a chandelier from Pottery Barn last week and had it professionally installed.
It was on sale.
I had a coupon code.
 I had a gift card but I ordered it and had it installed and didn't think twice about it. 

I have consciously tried to cut back on buying a ton of stuff and have learned that I can buy one thing and love it versus a few things and hate them a few weeks later.  Our house has been de-cluttered and I am finally comfortable just hanging out and not feeling overwhelmed by all of the junk surrounding me.   Like I said earlier it was a few years of hard and very dedicated work on not only the house but myself as well.  

Thursday, June 30, 2016

Gingers Baby Shower

Here some of my photos from the baby shower that we hosted for Ginger and Baby Wyatt a couple of weeks ago.  It was a beautiful morning and there were lots of smiles.  I am always curious what the new and upcoming things are for babies... I am out of the loop being a non parent and all of my nieces and nephews are basically adults.  Maybe not but in my mind they are far from diapers.

I ordered the Hydrangeas bulk from Sams Club.  Note that if you want to order bulk flowers from there the price fluctuates by season.  Know your seasons people.  The cookies were from an Etsy shop Shop Cookie Couture .  She was easy to work with and shipped the cookies USPS Priority a couple days prior.  I made the burlap banner and embroidered Wyatts name on it, cut the tables cloths our of burlap from Joanns along with the runners made with basic seersucker fabric.

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Baby Shower Prep

One of my friends is expecting so naturally I volunteered to host a shower for her.  There was one stipulation ... it had to be at her house.  I love our house but let's face it the place is congested with two people so imagine 35.  Actually, don't imagine that.  That would suck.  The nursery bedding is blue seer sucker and yellow.  A little classic with a modern twist if you will.  Because I personally love seer sucker (I mean anything that is designed to hide my sweat I am all over it) I chose to use a burlap and seersucker as my theme.

Sams Club is great for ordering bulk flowers.  They are my go to-- especially for hydrangeas.  I had to stalk my UPS man this morning to get the flowers off his truck because he didn't leave them on the doorstep.  I swear I signed for them electronically.  Technology.  Smh.

I will make smaller arrangements tonight using all of my vintage Ball jars (I am so basic I know).  The jars will be set around the food and tables and in between some stacks of vintage children's books.  

I have been perfecting my skills when it comes to using my sewing machine this year so I thought I would give myself a chance to try making table runners and then some pennants with the babies name and monogram.  I made a few different strands that will hang on the fireplace and then above a candy table. Simple. I can't stand the wait to see what it will all look like when it's put together.  Offical photos and post to come later.

Friday, June 10, 2016


Chad mentioned to me a few nights ago that he needed to send a couple of thank you notes to his favorite dentist for making his smile 100% new.  That's is an entire book of drama that ain't nobody got time to write.  His plan was to stop at Target and grab a couple cards and stick them in the mail.  No.  That is not happening at our house.  Sorry.  I am a brat when it comes to thank you notes.  They are so necessary and people forget about them.  When I give a gift I anticipate the note that I hope to get in return and the stationary it will come on.  Will the stamp match?  What color pen are they going to use?  Will it be personalized?  I hope so...

I found a great shop on Etsy Palm Beach Papery.  The owner, Cindy,  is great at customization and will send you multiple proofs until you are 100% satisfied.  Ours came in the mail today and I couldn't be more excited to get one in the mail.  Chads are a simple charcoal grey with his full name and address printed on it.  I did purchase two for myself... I couldn't resist.  Below is the chinoiserie design and then I also picked out a pineapple with my name on it.