Friday, July 1, 2016

Eveyln Wood Turned Chandelier from Pottery Barn

With some hard and very dedicated work I am finally at a place in my life that I am comfortable making some larger financial decisions without hesitation.  I have a couple of examples for you.

 I bought a full priced shirt at Anthropologie earlier in the month last month. I had a coupon but I did it and didn't worry about the price.  
 I bought some towels from Pottery Barn and they happen to be the best towel purchase I have ever made.  No coupon.  #thatscrazy #rebel 
I bought some Roden Fields face wash because I wanted it?  Who does that?! I must be drinking the water. 

So, all of this to say  I ordered a chandelier from Pottery Barn last week and had it professionally installed.
It was on sale.
I had a coupon code.
 I had a gift card but I ordered it and had it installed and didn't think twice about it. 

I have consciously tried to cut back on buying a ton of stuff and have learned that I can buy one thing and love it versus a few things and hate them a few weeks later.  Our house has been de-cluttered and I am finally comfortable just hanging out and not feeling overwhelmed by all of the junk surrounding me.   Like I said earlier it was a few years of hard and very dedicated work on not only the house but myself as well.  

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