Monday, October 30, 2017

My favorite baby products Month 1

Blair has used a few items exclusively since making her appearance.  I thought I would jot a few things down for people who are interested in infant items and might like to register for a couple of them.  I didn't have a big baby shower or anything and didn't want a house full of baby stuff taking up every corner of every room.  I don't think that babies need a lot of stuff.  I say stuff loosely.  If you asked me if a baby needs a lot of smocked dresses?  Absolutely.

First off you are going to need a stroller and car seat.  We bought the Nuna PIPA car seat from Nordstrom.  It is so light and is so easy to snap on and off of the stroller.  You can get it a few places I have seen it at Pottery Barn Kids and Nordstrom.

Along with the car seat we bought the nuna Mixx Stroller system.  The car seat snaps on and off of this until you are ready to use the big kid seat.  Here is the system at Nordstrom...  Honestly what sold me on this stroller was the adjusting handle bar.  I am taller and hate seeing people scrunched over pushing a stroller that the handles are way too low for them.

Blair has slept in her Dock A Tot in her crib since day one.  The great thing about this is that she can't roll over in it. 

We use this Boppy pillow during feedings.  It was a huge help when we were at the NICU and feeding so often.

The Ubbi Diaper Pail comes in a bunch of different colors and has a lock on the top to dog and baby can't get in there if they try.  Also,  let me suggest buying the garbage bags that match it.  They are super sturdy and block any and all smells.
We don't have a bunch of toys yet but we have loved the stuffed animals that we bought for her room...  Jelly Cat, BlaBla Kids, and Cuddle and Kind.  The Cuddle and Kind and BlaBla Kids are fun to put next to her for photos for size comparisons plus all three brands look really cute in her room.

Jelly Cat
BlaBla Kids

Cuddle and Kind
Lastly, we returned a bunch of baby monitors because we didn't like any of them and finally found the iBaby.  It iPhone compatible, black and white and color, sound, you can take photos and videos, allow others to log on and view (great for grandparents), you can play music for the baby, it has books loaded on it so it will read to them, and has alerts for all kinds of different things. 

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