About Lily

1. I like Ludens wild cherry lozenges2. If I take your picture I will publish it. Beware.3. If you give me cookie dough it will disappear.4. New momma to Blair Louise5. I hate gas ovens6. I am the youngest of 5
7. My dad loves toy trains
8. I love the beach... specifically 30a
9. Quincy is the best dog ever
10. Chad is the best husband ever
11. I like to swim. Not laps... just leisurely
12. I hate when people back into parking spots
13. I always make an effort to leave a table at a restaurant cleaner than when I arrived
14. My bike is da' bomb
15. I heart 600 thread count white sheets
16. Give me a monogram. ON ANYTHING.
17. I love the color chartreuse
18. I had to look up how to spell chartreuse
19. I would rather use ... than a . because that's how I am thinking... always
20. I am afraid of my natural hair color
21. I love a good vacation but hate flying

22. My feet grew during pregnancy and I have no clue what size shoe I wear 

23.  I find gardening relaxing

24.  Gardening makes me want to shower

25. Seasalt soap is the thing that dreams are made of