Sunday, March 27, 2011

We got our molding on.

Chad and I finished up the molding in the kitchen today.  Take my word when I tell you this... right angles are not as simple as your 10h grade geometry teacher made them out to be.  Mrs. Green... my low C in that class was what I earned.  Whoa.  I don't have any idea what Chad made in that class but it wasn't an A.  No offense lovey if you are reading this.

Now that the molding is done we are moving on to the next part... wall color.  I know, I know why in the world would I start a project and not have a vision of what the end will look like.  Eh, I needed to wait and see what goes on sale, what paint colors would be returned, what fabric remnants would be available.  If you haven't figured out my mantra in life by now there is no use in reading this blog any further.  Just remember c3. Clearance, coupons, and cheap.

We have hired a company to come and do the painting for us.  Colorado has some funky textured walls in homes and I am not one to tape/ paint inside the lines.  The company uses Benjamin Moore paints.  Here are the two colors that I am torn between.  We have a week to decide... no rush right?

Benjamin Moore® Aura® Paint - Hillside Green

 Benjamin Moore® Aura® Paint - Buxton Blue | Pottery Barn


  1. I like the green. Greens are always great colors for kitchens and breakfast rooms, especially if you eat fresh! The green color compliments the food and makes your meals more enjoyable! I also think that color would look great with your cabinets and floor stains!

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