Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Sunday Finds

I didn't go to my usual spots last Saturday morning ... I was too busy on muh bike soakin' in tha' rayz....
I did make it Sunday afternoon.

Scored this sweet little basket.  It's was hidden down the Easter aisle full of Easter grass at Goodwill.  I quietly took everything out of it and put it in a box somewhere else.  99 cent later it was taking a soap bath in our kitchen sink.  A concrete decision on how it will be used has not been made but here a couple ideas...

1. Towels
2.  Car tote for all of my binders that I think I need...

I found a new little set of Pyrex bowls at Arc for $3.  I had not seen this pattern before. It's ombre... can you tell from this photo? Maybe not.  Random fruit stamped on it.  Kind of ugly... but I like it.


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