Sunday, April 27, 2014

Decorating for a Brunch on a Budget

The past few months I have been getting my share of practice in when it comes to party planning.  I will share bits and pieces the next few weeks when life slows down but today I really wanted to post some photos of the Panhellenic brunch that I had the honor of helping with yesterday.

The theme was "Envision."  A local Optometrist was  to speak.  I "envisioned" a speech about looking to into the future and envisioning where I want to be with my life in 5 years.  She ended up talking about dry eyes.

By the time I joined the committee they had already designed a cute little owl logo for the brunch.  I took that as a chance to go with a green and blue color scheme.

I had a $150 to play around with.   I wanted to make bright colored runners for the tables.  The tables were to be 6 foot rounds with white table cloths and then navy blue napkins.   Ikea used  to sell green and white striped fabric by the yard but our store didn't have any when I went to search for it.  I ended up at JoAnns fabrics and bought 10 yards of a waterproof utility fabric.  I honestly don't know the proper name to call that fabric.  Reusable grocery bags are made out of it. It cuts like butter and I didn't need to hem them.  It was 99 cent a yard after all of my coupons...score!

I ordered bulk flowers from Sams.  30 stems of blue hydrangeas and 40 stems of sunflowers yielded 9 small table arrangements and 2 large bouquets to give to the Panhellenic President and the speaker. Warning!  Tracking fresh flowers is not an easy task.  Especially if you have a deadline.  I pulled it off but I don't think I want to cut my delivery date the day before again.  I would give yourself at least 2 business days.  They looked a little wilted but water helped perk them up overnight. 

There were 6 scholarship candidates at the brunch.  I made each of them a set of monogrammed towels for their kitchens and then wrapped those in a clearance tissue paper from Target.

Our house was a hot mess the night before with everything strung out all of the kitchen but i think it was worth the effort.  Everything looked great and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves.  I won a few raffle prizes that I am really excited about....

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  1. Please oh please tell me you have another towel like that S one...paypal me! I'm OBSESSED!!!