Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Old Glory Antique Show 2014

It was last minute. I had two tickets but all of my friends were super busy and I was supposed to be moving into my antique booth.  Yes!! I finally did it!

I had some help throwing my things in my space on Friday night and took the car to Denver Saturday morning for lots of this and thats to fill the booth.

I thought I had enough goodies to fill my space but once we had it all in there it wasn't very much at all. Very bare. Below is a photo before...

I don't think the fair had as many booths and vendors as the previous years. Prices seemed higher and there was a lot of "new" merchandise.  I am all about mixing old with new but when I am going to an antique fair I want lots of bang for the little amount of bucks that I have. The vendors that were there were beautiful and I won't miss it. It will just take time to grow. I think if it was closet denver that would help with crowds and support. It's obviously not my place to judge. Just my observations.

I did meet someone that I follow on Instagram. That was worth the drive, KraftyKash. 

I bought some things from her and left for yard sales. I am sad to admit I did much better at the yard sales and came back home with a car load of junk. #junkyjunkgirl 

Junk bucket lists... 

Round Top
Junk Stock 
Long Beach Antique Market
Vintage Market Days NE Arkansas
Brooklynn Flea
Canton TX
127 Corridor Sale

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  1. That stinks you didn't find alot, but glad you did find a lot at the garage sales. I love to go junking