Thursday, June 16, 2016

Baby Shower Prep

One of my friends is expecting so naturally I volunteered to host a shower for her.  There was one stipulation ... it had to be at her house.  I love our house but let's face it the place is congested with two people so imagine 35.  Actually, don't imagine that.  That would suck.  The nursery bedding is blue seer sucker and yellow.  A little classic with a modern twist if you will.  Because I personally love seer sucker (I mean anything that is designed to hide my sweat I am all over it) I chose to use a burlap and seersucker as my theme.

Sams Club is great for ordering bulk flowers.  They are my go to-- especially for hydrangeas.  I had to stalk my UPS man this morning to get the flowers off his truck because he didn't leave them on the doorstep.  I swear I signed for them electronically.  Technology.  Smh.

I will make smaller arrangements tonight using all of my vintage Ball jars (I am so basic I know).  The jars will be set around the food and tables and in between some stacks of vintage children's books.  

I have been perfecting my skills when it comes to using my sewing machine this year so I thought I would give myself a chance to try making table runners and then some pennants with the babies name and monogram.  I made a few different strands that will hang on the fireplace and then above a candy table. Simple. I can't stand the wait to see what it will all look like when it's put together.  Offical photos and post to come later.

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