Saturday, April 7, 2018

Blairs first Easter

This was our first Easter in Alabama in 9 years... there was a lot of food to catch up on.  Blair enjoyed her day meeting most of her extended family.  She took a really long afternoon nap and slept through the night per usual.

I found her basket on for less than $20.   I wouldn't suggest using it for an actual egg hunting basket because it isn't a basket that you can carry anything around in unless you want to pick up eggs off the ground.   Just a good prop for photos. 

 We mostly filled her basket up with baby food and things to go along with eating... burp cloths and spoons.  She loves to try new foods and we think she really wants to try solids.  I am scared so we will wait as along as we can for that! She will just have to watch for now.

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