Sunday, February 19, 2012

I heart stationary.

I have no choice but to share an invitation that I received this week.

Take a second and really look at the stamps... A collage of vintage botanical stamps!   You can order them from Etsy just search unused botanical stamps.  I just ordered some that are vintage street cars from Montgomery AL 1983...

 Sarah says she has a box of them that she keeps with her and says she likes to pick out stamps that match the persons personality that is receiving the note, in this case the invitation.  Mine had Lily stamps on it... Swoooooooooooon..  Can we take a moment of silence for the calligraphy?  Beautiful.

The actual invitation is embossed cardboard.   It's durable while still being very delicate. It's great!

I keep all of my letters, invitations, and notes in these green boxes.  The bigger ones are from a Pottery Barn outlet about 5 years ago and then the smaller ones on top are Ikea.  They cost about $4 a piece. My mom writes us a note every week and I have saved all of them since I moved out the house for college.

All of our Christmas cards and invitations are in the kitchen on this wire tree that I ordered from the Pottery Barn after Christmas clearance sale a few years ago.  It's nice seeing all of our friends everyday in our kitchen.  They all smile at us while we bicker about how bad the coffee turned out every morning and who is going to empty the dishwasher in the afternoon. Don't judge. I'll swap some of  them out in a couple of weeks when we start thinking Easter, weddings, and birthdays.

Click here to see the Etsy shop that I ordered mine from!

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