Thursday, February 2, 2012

Vintage Photos

Below are some photos of some general stores/markets/ grocery stores in Dothan and surrounding towns that were owned by  my family way back when....

My brother Justin has  taken the time to identify everyone in the photos.  See his captions below

Remember that photo I posted with the lockers and grocery sign a couple days ago? See here... Does that Rudd's Grocery & Market look eerily similar?  I wonder where that ended up and why it's not in my kitchen.
My great uncle Eulis Franklin Rudd and his two children, Doyle (the oldest) and Elzine (the baby). Doyle passed away a few years ago and Elzine is still living in Houston

Arthur Kingry and Wiley Pittman Wiley's Meat Market
Now if only I had the shelves from the photo of my Great Grandfather Kingrys store... amazingggggggggggg.  If I owned a store my shelves would be packed like his. I'd be like.. hey welcome to my store be careful because I have so much junk on my shelves they might collapse.  Holla.
My great grandfather Arthur Kingry's grocery store in FL/AL.

First grocery store in Dothan, AL. My great grandfather Arthur Kingry; Willie C. (store employee?); my great grandmother Eva Pittman Kingry

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