Sunday, July 17, 2011

Pull the car over.

Chad and I drove to South Dakota for business this past week and were fortunate enough to drive through the Black Hills national forest.  Would I ever go to the Black Hills?  Probably,  if I owned an RV, had kids that were studying American history, and had a cooler full of PB& J's.  Mt Rushmore, Crazy Horse, and the Devils Tower were all within 10 miles of the road we had to take so of course we pulled over to snap some photos!  We wouldn't be American if we didn't.  Plus 5 hours in the car requires some leg stretching. There are 100 national monuments in the US. 

Dogs are American too... that's not right.

Crazy Horse.  This one is from the road we didn't want to pay $10 a person to see it.  Boo expensive.

Devils Tower.  Random fact ... it's the first national monument 1906. 

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