Wednesday, July 6, 2011

It's ok to be jealz...

So here it is 6:38 PM the night before the painter will be at my doorstep at 8 AM (fingers crossed) and I just nailed down the color.
Benjamin Moore Ozark Shadows
...and no it's not a tribute to Ozark on my bedroom walls by any means...  Heh.

It was a toss up between grey and green... I have 6 huge squares on my wall of several different shades.  The painters going to think I'm  cray cray.

I'm sorry green but I just haven't been feeling you lately.  I have given you so many chances the past couple of weeks....It's OK to be jealous of my current fetish of blues and greys. I'll be back one day.

Country Living

Country Living

West Elm with Benjamin Moore Ozark Shadows
Country Living

Coastal Living

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