Thursday, November 24, 2011

Welcome to The Adams 1st Annual Thanksgiving.

Well now that all of the turkey has been eaten and put in the fridge for leftover meals I can say that I am very proud of the little Thanksgiving Chad, Zach, and I threw for ourselves.  We deserved a home cooked meal and a little exercise this morning.

EXERCISE?!  Yeh---- we ran the Loveland Turkey Trot with a few thousand other people this morning. It's not exactly the easiest thing to squeeze on a sidewalk with 3000 starving people but we survived.  I finished 10th in my age category of people walking.  I wonder how many signed up? ha... Who cares... 10th place!

After we finished the race we went to WalMart for a newspaper and scoped out where all the deals were hidden for tonight.  I still can't decide if I want to brave it or just sleep off the fried turkey.  FRIED TURKEY?!  Yeh---- we fried a turkey.

Now I am off to clip coupons for the morning.  Can we say $5 wreaths and garland at Lowes?!?!?!

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  1. Yum fried turkey. Thats what we always do and its so much better than baking it!