Friday, November 25, 2011

Black Thriday

You can't really say Black Friday anymore because  shopping  starts Thursday night.  I told everyone yesterday that I hadn't decided whether I would go out that night or not... well it got to be about 6 o'clock and I needed to get out of the house so Chad drove me around so I could take photos of the crazys sitting out in front of Target and Best Buy.

One thing lead to another and I got the itch to sit outside in the freezing temps myself so I sat in front of Coach at 9 PM, Walmart at 10 PM, Dicks at 12 PM, then a little nap and then I went to Lowes at 5 AM.  Would I do it again?  I wouldn't at Coach.  They have the same deals and coupons every weekend.  WalMart?  Only if I needed Toys...  Dicks?  Totally!  Chad and I both scored sweet Nike hoodies for $25.  Lowes?  I had to get my wreaths and garland. 

Walmart was the most intense.  They let you in the store before it officially opened at 10 and everyone snuggled around huge pallets of stuff... finally at 9:45 one customer got sick of waiting and ripped into one of the pallets.  Of course everyone followed even me...  I grabbed my Rubbermaid and canister vacuum and RAN to the front to  check out where I had to wait until 10 PM sharp to pay.

I have decorated the tree and put all of my goods away.   Now to prepare myself for the Iron Bowl tomorrow.  Yipes.

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