Tuesday, January 3, 2012

I got a new chest!!!

Chest of drawers you freak!  I was doing my Saturday rummaging before I had to go to Denver to pick Chad up from the airport and saw this...

 $35 later it was in the garage and I was stripping the paint because I wanted to remove some spots on the top of it and I wanted it to be fresh with just my germs.

 I asked the nice people at Lowes to pick a can of the paint stripper out for me that was "cheap" and easy.  I bought a $10 scraper, a pair of gloves, a quart of paint, a diet coke,  and then got to work.

When you are going to strip the paint make sure that you have a lot of time... it takes forever.  It might be because the can said to do it 65 degrees and I was doing it in the garage at around ummmm 40?! Duh.  Also, make sure when the instructions say to put it in a metal container than you put it in a metal container... it melts plastic.  Not that I did that or anything.

Brush the paint stripper in one direction over your project.  Let it sit 15 minutes and then test a small spot.  It will bubble a little bit like below. 

Scrape in the direction that you applied the stripper...
Sand... and start to paint... same direction (am I paranoid?).  I brought the heater out to the garage thinking that it might speed the drying process.
 After two or three coats you can bring it inside but only after you make sure that it is dry...

 I found the missing knob behind one of the drawers!!!! Super pumped.

I matched the color the best I could with what I found on it originally.  My color is Olympic - Globe Artichoke-  Premium Interior Latex- Semi- Gloss.

Hope ya' lurve it as much as I do... I will find a better lamp ect. lata when I have some cash money to spend on accessories.  Peace out.

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