Wednesday, August 29, 2012

A peacock blue chest.

I kind of enjoy painting but I would never admit that to my mom.  She used to try to force it on me as a kid and naturally I rebelled as any child would.  I tried to convince a girl that I work with  to pick out a couple of pieces of furniture from Goodwill a couple weeks ago and let me paint it for her.  It took a little twisting of the arms but she caved and let me do it.

I like to imagine it with white accessories, perfume bottles,  and big lamp.  Something like these items from Anthropologie and West Elm...



 I used a sponge roller,  Eggshell Valspar paint from Lowes, and a clear wax to coat the piece.  It took a couple of hours to paint and was dry by the end of the day.  Believe it or not but the piece of furniture cost $50 and was Lane so really great quality.  The brown was pretty but the paint brings it to life for a single chica.

It might have even made a cool vanity in a bathroom.  Ahhhhh my mind keeps turning it into so many things.  Must. Go. To. Sleep.



  1. It looks AMAZING in blue. I can't believe it was $50. That ridiculous!

    1. Oh girl it was hard to let someone else have it for that cheap.