Monday, August 6, 2012

Saturday Finds

Our Goodwill is under reno.  Who is so excited about that?  This girl.

They are making more space for my items that I will be purchasing in the future.  I wonder if you shop there enough if they would give you a personalized parking space.  Even if it were just for my preferred shopping hours... I'd be cool with it.  Chad scavenged with me a little of Saturday but my best stuff was a store about 30 minutes from us that I drove to on Sunday... alone.  I shop better alone. I tend to be less cranky and don't grab things as fast in fear someone else will get it.

I was the first one there and I know that I was the most excited.  I finally found a new Pyrex bowl!  I was on a 2 month low.  It was mega sad.  I made a pound cake with my new bowl yesterday afternoon but came home from work today and Quincy had eaten the entire thing.  He is so cute when he has done something bad so he wasn't punished.  I can't spank cute things.  It's just not going to happen.

See my new stuff below!
Looks pretty good on my shelf.  I can admit it.
War Eagle! Who is ready for some football?! I bought the pair for $13
I got some more purple goop and polished this $0.99 cent bowl to perfection!

A January Jones print... here's a link to their Etsy shop.  Amazing stuff---- Mine was $0.50

Yup.   More silver trays.  I got all of these yesterday except the big Presidents Club on top. Prices range from $2-$6
As you can see I am really getting into silver.  It's bad.  Wal-Mart knows when I am sneaking in to purchase more plate hangers.  They haven't restocked in a week.  Are they trying to tell me something?  My collection over the fireplace is still a work in process.  Trying to hide all of the TV hookup stuff is annoying. Story of my life.

I made pesto yesterday... I'll share that tomorrow.  Have a happy Monday night!

Linking to Southern Hospitality because...
1. Her new wood floors look amazing
2. She recapped my finds from last week
3. She has Feature Friday and shows peoples homes off!  I love to see other peoples ideas.

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