Monday, December 31, 2012


My mom and I drove to Montgomery while I was home to visit with my Aunt Sue and her daughter Blair.  We are all Maxxinistas (TJ Maxx lovers) and we all heart the store Southern Homes and Gardens. After some family photos we did some shopping.

Plum/ purple might be my new favorite accent color...

Blair bought a driftwood Christmas tree that resembles the one that I made last year... Resembles key word here.
Seltzer bottles! Oh man if I could have gotten these babies back on the plane you best believe I would have bought these plus 8 more... The colors are to die for.
Here are some photos of Seltzer bottles that I am loving... Check out my Pinterest board that I started with more.  Do you loveeeeeeeee them as much as I do?!?! 




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