Saturday, January 26, 2013

Saturday Finds 1/19/2013

I have recovered my computer and it's back to bizznezz here.  I didn't get to show you Saturday finds from last week so that's what you get today.
Marshall's Clearance $4
Vintage green Master Lock cash box $2
Silver tray for liquor cups (I'm guessing on that...) now a holder for my hair ties $1
Last but not least... I grabbed this little chair for $2. We put some wood glue on it so it won't fall to the ground when someone sits on it and then painted it.

Color is Olympic Globe Artichoke Semi Gloss



The sun was coming in bright and early when I took these photos this morning.  I love the way the chair turned out.  It will be great for an extra little seat when we have company over.

A little paint changes everything.

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