Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Kinsleys First Birthday Party

I worked on a first birthday party for Miss Kinsley all summer and the photos are finally available! Heather from Artistic Images by Heather captured the moment perfectly.  Everything turned out great.

I picked flowers from her grandparents yard and then a few from my neighbors the day of and arranged them in my ball jars for the tables.

The ribbon garland and pennants  were both ideas from Pinterest and we bought the highchair off of Craigslist from a lady in Denver.

The lemonade stand was a joint effort between her dad, Kevin, and myself.  He printed the plans off Pinterest and made it and then I painted it.

Miss Kinlseys great-grandmother made her cakes.  She flew them all the way from Georgia to Colorado.  We all know its hard to bake with this altitude!

Our friend Britney made the to-die-for chalkboard art.

Have I mentioned that I am becoming a pro when it comes to making party hats?  I used scrapbook paper and hot glue over pre-made party hats from The Dollar Tree.  Ribbon scraps from JoAnns were glued around the bottom edges and then I made poms poms for the top.

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