Thursday, September 18, 2014

The Buffet That I Can't Let Go

A few posts ago I told you about a buffet that I took off of a co-workers hands.  I went back and forth on colors and finally went with my gut and chose an bright imperial red.  Red normally is not my go to color but I really wanted this piece to stand out because I was going to be putting it in my booth.

It took me two weekends to  finish it because I initially thought I would go white... It was cute but after I attempted to use a dark brown stain but it reminded me of a piece of 80's furniture. Not pleasant.

What made me finally go with my gut was a sale on drawer pulls at Hobby Lobby.   They were $1 each.  Geez.  Why don't they just give them away... I sat on the floor at HL for an hour playing with all of them and left the store with 35 knobs.  Yes.  35.

The buffet is now nestled in my booth until someone decides it's for them and their home.  Honestly, if it doesn't go for a while I am OK with that because it looks so dang pretty.

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