Friday, June 9, 2017

It's a girl!

I am really excited to announce that we are having a girl!  We had an ultrasound last week and without a doubt the technician knew.  I started to cry immediately when I saw on the screen "I'm a girl."  I looked over to Chad and he was reading an email.  He said he didn't know what was on the screen so he dozed off into Internet oblivion.  I can't blame him it was really confusing looking at all of the different things on the screen. 

Blair Louise

One of my sisters, Hildy, agreed to take balloons for a "Gender reveal" to Chads and my parents because we weren't able to be there ourselves.  We won't see any of our family until the end of July so that would be a long time to wait.  My dad was in ICU all week last week with complications to advanced prostate cancer.  We watched her walk into the hospital with a black balloon (ironic right?).  Thankfully he was being discharged at the time so they had a laugh about it all and popped the balloon in his room on his way out.   

After she left my parents at the hospital she found Chads at their house in the country.  His dad just had foot surgery so he has been sequestered to "the recliner" for a couple months.  His mom was pumped and jumped up and down enough for both of them.  There aren't any girls in their family.  She and her sister both had two boys so we know Blair will be a favorite.

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