Friday, May 12, 2017

Did IVF work?

I didn't want to post anything on here and spoil the surprise but I am comfortable with it now.  IVF was successful!    It's so scary to think about but we are so ready.  The time has gone by so slow because we have known for so long.  Our doctors have done their best to make it feel like  a normal pregnancy.  We won't find out the sex until June and we are dying to know. 

I was extremely tired the first 10 weeks and was only nauseated at night.  Specifically at 7 PM twice a week.  I learned to wait to take any medication at least 45 minutes after dinner.  That makes a huge difference.  Not sure why.  I did have one day that I got really sick and had to have a co worker take me to the doctor for IVs.  That was intense and would never want a repeat of that day.   This week I started to experience carpel tunnel at night.  It's the worst thing ever.  I have sexy wrist guards that I sport while sleeping.  Hopefully that will help relieve the pain I am experiencing.  Other than that its been relatively easy. 

I am going to share photos of our ultrasounds on here just because I want to document it.  They aren't Facebook or Instagram worthy but they are part of the journey and deserve to been shared.   It's amazing what you can see at such an early stage of pregnancy. 

This photo of the shots is two of three containers that I had to endure the first 12 weeks.  Chad was traveling for work a bunch during the first 12 weeks and we have an amazing neighbor helped me out with them.  I hate needles and would never be able to give the injection myself.

We had 3 embryos after all was said and done and we chose two for insertion our first round.  Only one made it but that's ok.  We have another in a freezer for later.  That sounds so crazy.

We had ultrasounds at 6 weeks, 8 weeks, 10 weeks, and then at 12.  It was tough to "graduate" from our specialist because they were so helpful and compassionate.  They put up with a lot.  That has to be one of the hardest jobs.  I couldn't do it.  I'm a really emotional person and I would hate to deliver sad news to people wanting something so badly.  Below are photos of our videos to show the progression for the 1st 12 weeks. I am really thankful to be fortunate enough to have IVF and on top of that it be successful the first try.  After 5 years of trying to conceive naturally it is a welcomed gift.   God is really good.

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