Monday, January 1, 2018

Welcome 2018

We have survived another year.  Last year my pregnancy consumed our lives so this year I hope that we can be a little more calm and actually focus on things that we enjoy.  I would love to travel this year and spend a lot of time loving on Baby Blair.  She is really growing a lot now.  We have transitioned into 3 month size clothes and she is drinking close to 4 ounces every couple of hours. She smiles a lot.

I have to admit I am not holding it together as much as I thought I would.  Taking her to daycare all day every day is  hard.  I miss her something serious. She got really sick a few weeks ago and that was scarier than giving birth.  I know that daycare is good for her and that she is building an immune system like no other but I would much rather keep her locked inside our house and never see inside a doctors office as long as I live.

Chad and I were talking and I realized that I had not received a copy of her birth certificate.  I had to do a little research and ended up requesting one through Our county called me a little later and said that the hospital sent in the paperwork with my married last name and not my maiden so the state has the records incorrect thus the birth certificate is incorrect.  The next step would be to call the state.  I did that and they said to call the hospital and have them submit a correction.  Eh, so annoying.  I didn't know you can't fly with your infant without a birth certificate.  We are grounded.  Ha!

Blair has been seeing a physical therapist to help her with her diagnosis of torticollis.  Basically, she has a stiff neck and doesn't turn her head to the left resulting in a flat head on the right side.  She interviews with our school board next week and they approve or deny the therapist coming to her at daycare rather than us driving to visit them every week.  I can see a huge difference in her mobility so hopefully we don't have to have these visits much longer.

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