Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Baby Blair's First Christmas

December was magical.  Blair turned two months old and we had our first Christmas season together.  If you ever wondered how Christmas is with a kid of your own let me tell you... it's amazing.  Blair was so fun to have this year and I can only imagine next year and the following.  We saw Santa, wrapped lots of gifts, cuddled a lot, and watched lots of movies.  I took a bunch of time and decorated her tree and it was probably the sweetest thing I have ever seen other than her.  Obvs. 

She started daycare a week before Christmas so we dealt with that. Not as gracefully as I  had hoped.  I had so many emotions this year between daycare, not being with family for the first Christmas ever, having her with us, and just straight crazy hormones.   I am a little glad to say been there done that at this point.  I'll probably cry thinking back on it or even just as I write this post.

I made myself drive to Denver and Boulder so I wouldn't pick her up early.  We started daycare before I went back to work so I could transition from being at home with her to working full time again.  She loves to watch all of the kids in her class.  They are all a couple months older and mobile.  Her teachers say that she tricks them by crying a little to get their attention and then when they talk to her she smiles and they know she was just messing around with them.

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