Saturday, December 3, 2011

Santas, Mason Jars, and a cheese box.

Today was a random day for me at the thrift stores... I didn't think I would brave the weather because we woke up to this...

and this...

I got in my car and toughed it out.  I am sooo glad that I did.  I met the owner of one of the stores that I frequent and got to talking to him.  He goes to storage auctions in our area every week and keeps all of his really good finds in a secret area for antique dealers.  He let me into the dealer areaaaaaa.  Most exciting part of my weekend.  You ask him to name a price and then you get to haggle back and forth with him.  It was so much fun.  He told me the best day to go back and you better believe I will be there!!  These mason jars were 75 cent each.  I lurrrrve them.

Chad doesn't seem to think that they are super dooper old but the lids definatly are.  We really want an old Ball jar with the "star" on the bottom of it.  His great grandmother "Big Muther" makes the best tea cakes ever and uses a jar like that to make the design on the top.  So pretty.

Oooo and this Kraft Cheese box for $2.  I am keeping my gifts tags in it for now.

Have you seen this in the new Pottery Barn Catalog?  I love the set.  The mugs are 4 for $35 and the cookie jar is $59...
Pottery Barn Santa Mugs
I would love to order them but you know... I found this one at Goodwill this morning and he was half off of $2.50.  He will do...


  1. How cute! I collect those santa mugs too! So cute! I have 3 so far and they are hard to find! I would not have gotten out in that snow! CRAZY girl!

  2. ooo i didnt say!! It is actually a big vase not a mug :) About the size of a flower pot!!

  3. wow thats awesome!