Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Closet Challenge

This past week I helped my mom clean out her closet.  I am talking CLEAN out her closet.   We went all the way back to 1970 and then made a quick u-turn back  to 2011... I was about 4 hours into the process and realized that I didn't get a before.  Sorry folks... just look at the pile of metal hangers on the floor and try to picture everything... 

This week I have a challenge for everyone that reads this.... Pick one closet to organize small or large... could even be a cabinet.   Take a photo before and then an after and email it to me.  I will post the photos of before and afters later.  You have the rest of the week to get your 2011 donation forms in.  Put some music on and give it an hour or two at most... see how good you feel after.  Make the most of it!  I am going to do the same with my own closet.  It needs a little TLC.

Let a friend shop your donation pile.  They will appreciate it!

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