Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Day trip to Montgomery

My mom and I had another day trip to Montgomery to meet her sister Sue and niece Blair.  They live in Birmingham so Montgomery has always been the half way point for gathering.  We all have the TJ Maxx illness so that's where we start.  It's always fun to shop with them and have some time to catch up. I took a ton of photos that day because I saw so much stuff that I needed... alas American Express has yet to send me that black card. Maybe next year.

Sad news Fresh Market moved.

We had lunch at Panera then we went to LeAnns Interiors.  Sad news. They were having a going out of business sale that day.  50-75% is the good news.  No--- I didn't buy any of this. Refer to American Express sadness in paragraph numero uno.

Next stop was Rosemont.  Do you love orchids as much as me?  Doubt it.

Then there was Southern Homes and Gardens for some photos by the trees...

I said something highly inappropriate right before photo

Visited my old homestead to check up on some rosemary and rose bushes I planted before we left... Thanks Dave for letting me peek and take a bouquet! You are right... no black thumb here.

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