Sunday, April 1, 2012

Weekend Finds

Chad knows how I am obsessed with all things Anthropolgie... Anthro this and Anthro that.  It is completely normal to have conversation about it around our dinner table, computer desk, car to work, running, bike riding, and dog walking... Get my point?  If it isn't Anthro it's Goodwill.

Chad also knows what makes me happy.  He gave me an entire afternoon and evening to do nothing but shop at Goodwill and Anthropologie this weekend.  It was fantastic!!!!!

I have to admit that it's my birfday and it's not normal to get to do both of these stores on the same weekend.. I'll take it even if it is once a year :)

Ahhh!  I've drooled over this vase for 3 months... now I own it.

Best candle ever... It's burned all weekend...

Scratch offs..  I won $4 to buy more tix.  Thanks Chadwick.

What! The perfect bowl to portion my food in...

Hello.... I also have this in blue. War Eagle.
Since my birthday isn't officially until tomorrow I can't really say that I am going to be giving a piece of Pyrex away for my birthday and to celebrate that I have had 10,000 page views BUT I can hint that there may be a piece of Pyrex given away... ya' know what I'm sayin!


  1. Awesome finds. Im excited about your giveaway!! Tomorrow is going to be a great day!! Happy Birthday!

  2. LOVE that vase!!! It looks like you had a pretty great weekend! Have a great Birthday!