Friday, April 6, 2012


I am gearing up for a fun weekend!  I have invited a few friends over for a late birthday brunch and then it is Easter on Sunday.  Easter has always been one of my favorite holidays.  I love going to church in the morning and then coming home to a nice lunch and hunting eggs after.  We haven't hunted eggs since moving so far from family and all of the kids but I am determined to do it this weekend even if it is only with Quincy.

I have been research how to color eggs and came across some really cool ideas.  We are going to be dying eggs at my birthday brunch tomorrow so I want to have lots of choices for everyone.  Check out these pretties that I found... Most are from Martha Stewart because let's just all admit that Martha does Easter Eggs right.

Silk Dyed Egg from

Martha Stewart How to

Marble Eggs from Martha

Awww Martha spelled my name correctly


Thread Wrapped

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