Saturday, April 7, 2012

Silk Tie Dyed Easter Eggs

I had to do it... after seeing it all over the Internet it was all that I could  think about.  I went to Goodwill yesterday and rummaged through all of the old silk ties. After finding 3 that I wanted to test with I ran home round my rubber bands and got to work.

Make sure that the ties are 100% silk.  When you get home rip them or cut gently which ever fits your fancy for the day... You only want the silk.

Next you will have to wrap your egg with the pattern facing the egg in case it is bright on one side of the silk than the other.  If you bought the correct ties.. they should have the same pattern on each side. Just saying... :)

Secure it on the top with a rubber band.

Ok. Now that your tie is tied up put it in a big pot and bring the water to a boil.  About 20 minutes.  You want to give it some time to really soak in the dye. I put some plain eggs in the water with my little tie packages and let them boil in all of the water that the dye bled into.  They turned out gorg.  Marble effect if I might say so myself...

I was too anxious to see how they looked so I put them in a bowl of ice water to cool them for about 10 minutes.

Ready?!  Unwrap your eggs now.  Lovely aren't they?

It is safe to say that I probably could have boiled a little longer but it was late and I was urber tired. Next year...

Oh!! Guess who stopped by our house to check in on us! That's right.. The Easter Bunny himself.  He was NOT interested in the grass I was trying to give him so I threw some apple slices out for him.  They are gone but I don't know what or who ate them.  Hahhahhahaha! 

Have a great Saturday!


  1. Positively gorgeous...and relatively simple, compared to messy dyes! Way to Rock Easter, Plum Shabby!

  2. I've been dyeing to try these (pun... hehehe) - glad to see someone I know actually got it to work! Next Easter. Next Easter.

  3. yahhh! I love your eggs......SOOOO beautiful! I will have to do this next year for sure!