Sunday, July 29, 2012

Silver cleaning rules to live by...

I want to put some %(&$#*#&$&#* into my post title to describe the smell of the latest silver cleaner that I found at WalMart this morning. Ack. Ew. Gross. Yuck. Poo!

Since my Pyrex finding have been well... tear... pretty much axed.  I haven't found anything in over a month.    I  moved  to silver.  Let's face it.  No one wants to polish their silver.  They just donate it and move on. They don't want to smell the polish.  No one wants to get their hands dirty.  Ew.  Thinking about it made me get goosebumps....

This morning when I ran out of my purple goop.

I decided that

1. I needed to go to Wal Mart stat
2.  I wanted something easier and faster to use
3. I was thirsty

Why did I need to go ASAP?!  Becuase I had some amazing silver trays that I wanted to clean up and see what was under all of the blasted tarnish.  I could have gotten more purple goop to sponge on on sponge off but that would be too easy.

I got the Tarn-X.  The bottle looked like straight up business.  The smell... the smell inside the bottle is straight up business.  EW. If you are going to use this stuff note the following:

1. Get something to plug your nose
2. Wear gloves
3. Work outside
4. Work alone because people will comment on the odor
5. Work fast

I am going back to the purple goop and will use Tarn X  if nothing else works.

Couples Bridge 3rd Place
Presidents Club

I have a few more but I put them up on Etsy.

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