Saturday, November 3, 2012

Saturday Finds 11/3/12

I had a few hours this morning to do some much needed R&R (Retrieving and Reselling). I found a few new silver trays that are now up on Etsy and a really cute Silver cup that I am going to keep.  Little Boy Blue.  Ahhhh classic.

Words of advice.  If you are going to shop at a thrift store go early.  I was one of the first ones in Goodwill this morning and was looking in the glass cabinet where they keep the "special stuff."  There was a bag of doilies for $6.99 in there so I asked a lady working there if I could open it and look at them.

 She was still in a good mood since they had literally just opened and helped me with a smile.  She cut the bag open for me and let me dig through it for a little while.  I found the most amazing hankies in there with my monogram on them.  What what!  Amazin. 

I didn't want the doilies.  For real no one wants doilies. I sorted the hankies in a pile and the doilies in another.  Then I said...

"Can I just give you these back to sell and Ill keep the hankies??"

What does she do?  Gives me the hankies for half the price even though I was OK  buying the entire lot and was just going to donate the doilies back.  Sweet?  Yes.  Am I pumped? ...I just sneezed.

I haven't cleaned it up yet.. But it'll be fantastic once I do!

See this cleaned up on my Etsy shop here...

Yes... that is a pile of monogrammed hankies...

 I went off the Goodwill track this morning and hit up a couple TJ Maxx and Homegoods stores to find a couple things that I have been wanting... I have been on Etsy looking at crocheted headbands like mad the past few weeks.  They are all $30 more than I want to spend so I found this one below at TJ Maxx. The lady behind the jewelry counter said I looked good with it on so I bought it. Hahahahha.

I know that I have professed my love for anything Lollia brand on here before.  If you don't have anything from this company you should really search it out.  They sell it at Anthropologie but I found a bottle of perfume at TJ Maxx this morning for $14. This fragrance is called Inspire. 

That's what I have for now... Still working on the guest room.  Who knew it was so hard to find a white duvet cover?!?!??!

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