Sunday, June 9, 2013

A Paris Street Market in Boulder 6/9/13

Obviously I have a thing for getting up early on Saturday morning and starting my day.  Boulder on the other hand does not.  I got up at my normal time of 6:30 yesterday and headed to Boulder for the Paris Street Market.  I didn't think twice about what time it was to start because the sister market in Littleton begins at 8 if not a little earlier.  I arrived at 7:45 only to realize the dumb thing didn't start until 9. 

I sat patiently on a brick wall for what felt like 4 hours,  My phone finally showed 8:57.  I started walking around.  Now that I was a bit irritated and I became a little vulnerable. I came across a few things that I really didn't need but told myself if I didn't buy them that I would regret it later...  I still have nightmares about the couch Chad talked me out of buying at the Pottery Barn Outlet 7 1/2 years ago.  Ahhh gives me chills.  Who leaves a $250 down couch just sitting in a store?  Chad does... and apparently I do too.

I was done by 9:24 and spent more than I intended.

I brought this iron home.

Will I be returning to the market in Boulder?  Probably not.  It was small.  The vendors were really irritated that they all had to pay cash tax after the show was over, none of them took credit, and none were willing to negotiate.  One lady got mad that I offered her $3 less than my total for 5 itmes that I wanted.  She told me her things were priced to sell.  Sell them to someone else and put it all back. I'm not going to be buying from you.

I understand that it's a "higher end" show but seriously... it's a market.  I know a little better than to pay $55 for a locker basket.  That's cray.

 Let's all wake up a little earlier, drink a little more coffee, and negotiate next time.  

I did top my morning off with this.  I enjoyed it.  Lots.

Check back tomorrow to see my new potting bench that I made!

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