Sunday, June 16, 2013

Old Glory Antiques Fair Littleton, CO 2013

Deep breath.  It's really hard to control yourself when everything that you love is within a few hundred square feet of you.When I pulled up to The Old Glory Antiques Fair in Littleton yesterday my eyes kind of glazed over and my heart started beat faster, faster, and faster.  There was so much there to take in.  It was like a candy store that was full of Turtles, Cadberry eggs, Swedish Fish, and Pink Jelly beans.  All there for me.  I could pick anything that I wanted... as long as it was within my budget. 

 Kari from Babs rode along with.  Its great to know someone that has the same appreciation for junk treasures as I do.  She tells me that I am certainly not a hoarder just a serious collector.

We had a cupcake from GiGis and found some really great things IE a trunk that I am going to put all of my hand me down quilts in for... wait for it... $50?!?!?!??!?! 

She didn't buy this.  I promise.

What was my biggest takeaway from this show?  There are so many amazing items out in the world that people are throwing away.  I think about some of my favorite stores  Restoration Hardware, Anthropologie, and Pottery Barn. They have been collecting "trash" for years and people pay ridiculous amount of money for it.  I can take a Saturday to attend fairs and shows like this and come home with great items that would probably retail for 5 or 10x times more than what I pay for them. 

It's totally worth the hunt and time spent.

Check out the Old Glory Antique Fair site and get it on your calendar.  You won't be disappointed.

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  1. With its 70 antiques dealers from across Colorado and surrounding states and 23 years living up to its expectations and reputations it amazed me on how this event quickly outgrew the space and began looking for just the right venue