Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Christmas Booth

Ack!  It is getting cold out there. The wind was a brisk 60 mph here last week and we had to chase our grill cover around the neighborhood.  We finally found it in the neighbors backyard.  That wasn't embarrassing at all.  Sike.

 I have been busy putting Christmas items in my booth the last week and every time I call to check on it someone has purchased every dang Santa man that I put in there.  What the heck?  Who has time to run around chasing Santa's all week?  How about a state plate or a towel? Maybe a necklace?  I know... I know I need to listen to my customer and provide them with what they like but what about what I like?  I love Santa but I also love a vintage book and a Rifle notepad.

I'll work on it more  after Thanksgiving.  This was the most Christmas spirit that I had to offer for the time being.  All I can think about this week is turkey and dressing...

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