Friday, November 18, 2016

Christmas Tree

I was a freak this year and put up our Christmas tree mid November.  Chads great grandmother passed away last week and he had to go home and be with his family for a few days.... I was left alone and apparently was very bored.  I used every single decoration we had stored in the basement.

I even wrapped most of our gifts for family that I have been hoarding in our basement all year.  Why don't more people shop in January for the upcoming Christmas?  It's genius.  I bought some gift wrap and things from Target and was instantly obsessed with a set of jingle bells that I saw there but they were pretty pricey for what you got.  I decided I would venture to the other side of town and look at jingle bells and ornaments at the Dollar Tree... so glad  that I did!

All of my gifts this year have bells and an ornament.  I went home at lunch today and was messing around in the basement and knew that I smelled something funny.  After sniffing around I found my hot glue gun still on from last night.  Word to the wise when wrapping gifts always turn off your glue gun.  That is all.

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