Monday, January 30, 2017

I survived week 1 of IVF

Well, tomorrow is the day of my retrieval.  I haven't posted anything about it because I have been scared.  Chad and I spent the week last week shuffling around having my blood drawn, shots in the stomach, shots in the butt, ultrasounds, etc.  It was exhausting.  It hurt. It was exciting.   I can't describe how excited I am to see the end of it.  I know tomorrow is going to be long.  We have to be at the office at 6 AM so they can start my IVs and make sure that I am ready to retrieve exactly 36 hours after my HCG shot last night.  Our doctor was adamant that it had to be exact.

The HCG shot is what triggers my 12 eggs to release from my ovary.  I didn't grow any eggs on my left side.  There are eggs only on the right.  So now we just wait.  We wait to see how many eggs survive the retrieval and then we have the transfer on Saturday morning.  Finally.

Below is day two of shots that we had to do at home.  I don't want to show you my bruises from the end of the week.  It looks rough.  Basically, you give yourself 4 shots a day in your stomach fat.   The Gonal F pen was no problem, Menopur burned like crazy, and then the Ganirelex was no issue because the Menepur was so bad. Last night I had my HCG injection and I didn't even feel it.  At this point I can handle shots.  Ask me again in 12 weeks and it might be a different story.  I am numb to it.

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