Saturday, May 19, 2012

Long Beach, WA

The first day of our vacation we flew into Seattle early morning, rented a car, and took backroads to the Washington coast.  Between Seattle and Long Beach we stopped at at an oyster town, a salmon hatchery, an old house that I had to have a photo of, and saw a bald eagle.

We had come across a Groupon for Hotel Adrift a few weeks ago and that is what pushed this trip.  I have always wanted to see Seattle and the coast of Washington so this was too good of a deal to let expire.  The Groupon was for one night at the hotel and for an an extra $20 you could upgrade to an ocean view room.  We both agreed that we were glad to have spent the extra money.  It was the best view we have ever had in a hotel...

The hotel was very relaxed.  It was an older hotel that had been updated recently and was totally dedicated to all things Washington/Oregon.  There was complimentary coffee and tea in the lobby 24/7, beer and chocolate in the rooms, free beach bikes to use if you wanted to ride the bike path along the beach, local shampoos and conditioners, free games and DVDs in the lobby that guests were more than welcome to pick up and take back to the room.

I am not going to brag about the service because the people at the front desk seemed really busy and uninterested in the guests but there was so much available for guests to just help themselves with it really didn't matter.

Don't go here thinking that there is a ton of shopping and activities to keep everyone in your family busy.   It seemed like a slow town and you pretty much had to find ways to occupy yourself.  The World Kite Museum was to the right of the hotel and a great boardwalk to the left. You can drive a  miles to a self guided cranberry bog tour and museum or 5 miles to a lighthouse that costs $10 a car to visit.  We didn't make it to the lighthouse because 1. We couldn't figure out how much it actually cost (online it said $3) and 2.  The form for a state park permit was too complicated to fill out and there was no one there to show us how and what information they needed from us.  Oh well.

If you need somewhere to go and read a long book Long Beach is your place.

Would I go back?  If I wanted somewhere to relax not if I wanted to go to a beach. Ya heard? :)

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